Sunday, February 3, 2008


We have been staying in Quito with our hosts Chris and Trish Morck. This morning Chris and I left early to head three hours south to investigate some possibilities with a denim cooperative. Kim was to go with Trish to meet with another set of artisans. It was to be a divide and conquer sort of day.
The roads were wet from the rain and the car next to us drifted into our lane as we rounded a bend in the road. Chris breaked and honked as is the usual custom down here. Things would have been fine but the other car came even further into our lane bumping the front right panel. Hitting the curb of the median our truck flipped and we landed up-side-down, hanging from our seat belts, the cab crushed above our heads. I waited to be hit again by cars coming from the oncoming lanes or from behind. Little did I realize that we landed perfectly on the grassy median in a section with no trees.

We walked away from the accident.

Our lives were preserved for another day.

The scenario could have been very different.

Chris and I are doing alright. Chris took a cab to the hospital to get his head and neck checked out. He returned with a neck brace.
Other than being rattled and emotionally exhausted, often finding myself just tearing up, I am doing good. I sure savored the hugs from Kim and the kids when we finally returned home.

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