Sunday, February 10, 2008


We talk to our boys alot about being friends together. That is, not just simply being genetically related, but becoming two individuals that care for each other and stick by one another. This is not always an easy concept to articulate and even harder to see implemented.

Sometimes brothers seem born to fight.

But this trip has drawn their hearts together in some beautiful ways.

They are learning to be friends.

I hope that when Simeon and Eli are old men, they will sit in some hole-in-the-wall cafe in some distant country and recall their adventures together with their grandchildren.


Amy said...

Ah, I want the same for my boys....the genuine care and love for each other. They are so different from each other -- and yet they love to play together...but also fight so much. Sometimes I see glimpses of their bond beyond the disagreements and it makes my heart glad, but it is definitely something we have to nurture and encourage.

lyndsayslaten said...

that first picture makes it look like they're in a space ship!!

amber said...

my boys have loved these pictures of your kids. reading through the entries has opened up all kinds of good conversation with aidan...