Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We arrived safe and sound and all the better from our rich adventure! We are in the midst of unpacking all of our treasures. It's quite an explosion from our 8 bags. We made it through customs without having to unentangle our carefully arranged puzzle of luggage. The extra packing tape went thankfully unused. It felt a little like making it through Russian Roulet. I'm afraid we were quite a spectacle.

As we survey the diverse piles of Ecuadorian artisan wares it is hard to let it all sink in. Each bag, scarf, hammock, bracelet, article of clothing...has such a story attached. We feel like soaked sponges. Long after our bags are unpacked we will still be chewing on and digesting this great experience. We are extraordinarily thankful for the opportunity we have had and hope we put it all to good use in our hearts, lives and in the shop!

A closing anecdote:
I think we may have failed to mention that Jessie (3), tossed her cookies in every province of Ecuador that we visited. Quite a feat. Last night we arrived at home after 15 hours of travel and the poor girl upchucked right here in Hamilton County. (She's very equitable in her distribution.) So its after midnight, we're sitting on the bathroom floor and she's crying, "I'm sick. I'm home. I'm homesick! I'm so so homesick!" Welcome home!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home.


lyndsayslaten said...

i'm laughing hysterically! i'm so sorry that precious jessie is sick....but that is just adorable!

so glad you guys are back. can't wait to see what you brought home!