Sunday, February 3, 2008


Not really sure how to write. I´m so extraordinarily thankful to have my sweet husband back in our room telling the children a story. Car accidents can happen anywhere, but this was a sobering day. We´re thankful to have at least one more day together and hopefully many more. Its good to be reminded of good gifts.

Not surprisingly, I´m thinking a lot about togetherness. While we´re here at Chris and Trish´s apartment, we´re all sleeping in one room, with the children on the floor on mattresses. Its pretty cozy. For several mornings I´ve walked past them all piled together on 1 little mattress entangled like a litter of puppies. We´re reminded of the beauty of simplicity. Its also good to know that the 3 children and I can all fit in one seat on the public trolley. 3 coloring books, one set of markers, a deck of UNO cards and some bubbles have been our main source of entertainment.

The entertainment highlight, however, is Daddy´s story that started in Chattanooga the night before we left. The basic premise is that some bad guys have stolen all the smiles of all the children in Ecuador and it is up to the Honeycutt children to solve the mystery and restore the smiles. The story has developed in installments depending on the day, the situation and the need for distraction. (You can really develop a plot on the 2 hour drive to Atlanta.) It weaves together the places we´ve been and the people we´ve met. And the children are passionately involved as they give suggestions of how to get out of sticky situations or where to go to next. Will is a deep well of creativity these days!

One other quick thought. We´ve been trying to keep a journal and let the children, particularly Simeon dictate. Its been a great way to debrief and help him process through the things we´re experiencing. You never know what strikes them, or confuses them, or captures their heart unless you take time to stop and ask. Tonight I´m reminded of the gift of being together.


Amy said...

Praise God for his protection over Will and Chris!

We are really enjoying all your stories about your adventures, but will be praying for no more of the scary, life-threating ones.

Much love to you all.

lyndsayslaten said...

all praise to Him who reigns on high. we are so thankful for you guys and are praying for your time there.

Cal said...

May God continue to care for you as He uses you.