Friday, February 1, 2008

Deep in the Amazon

We will spend alot of time refering to and evaluating our time in the Amazon jungle.

East from the slopes of the Ecuadorean Andes is the headwaters of what becomes the Amazon River. We began the day with a 30 minute flight over the Andes mountains, leaving 50 degree overcast weather and greeted with sunny 85 degrees and a bit of humidity . After a quick ¨bus¨ride to the Napo River we boarded a motorized canoe for a two and a half hour ride east down the river. This was our first upclose view of the Amazon region. Very lush and green as one might expect, the beauty only broken by the obvious influence of the oil industry. We slowed to enter a small tributary and transfer to a dugout canoe, literally carved out of single tree. The last leg of this trip involved a one and a half hour paddle (by our native and biligual guides) up a creek to the lagoon which we would call home for the next five days. We would have been exhausted if it was not for the sheer granduer of pure, endless rainforest.
For those who enjoy GoogleEarth, type in ¨Napo Wildlife Center, Ecuador¨. This will give you a sense of the remoteness of our experience.

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