Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog? Us? Ha ha ha ha...

My name is Nathan. I work for a small business. No, I work WITH a small business. It's called the World Next Door Market, and it's a fair trade store in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I have the wonderful privilege of working with three other interesting and dedicated people as we all share in making this fair trade thing work. We all thought it would be cool and beneficial to start blogging about the challenges and rewards unique to our business. Cool and beneficial to you, the individual, to get to know us and our hearts for this business; cool and beneficial to the fellow small business owner/social justice promoter, to have a place to share experiences and methods and get a better understanding of what works; and cool and beneficial for ourselves, to have a place to process our thoughts and dreams, our setbacks and challenges, and our stories and experiences, laid bare for all the world to read and enjoy.

So stay tuned! And please visit us in our store in downtown Chattanooga. And check out our website, And tell us what you think. And have conversations with us. And have conversations with yourselves. And enjoy our blog.

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