Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hola from Ecuador

I can hardly believe I´m sitting in Quito, Ecuador, overlooking red clay roofs, and the massive expanse of this capital city. The hills are backdropped by mountains which they say are snow covered under the distant clouds. We´re at almost 10,000 feet, but it looks like nobody is really feeling the effects of altitude sickness too badly. We have arrived safe and sound! (or at least as sound as we started out)

Yesterday we got up before the sun and hitched a ride with our sweet cousin to Atlanta. The trip went without a hitch, which is of course, what you hope for. Jessie was a little nervous about going through security, but everybody thought is was a kick to have to take your shoes off. We picnicked in various gates watching planes come and go and luggage be loaded and unloaded from the silver underbellies. Being with children gives you a good reason to think and talk about things we take for granted. ¨How do we know where to go,¨ Äre all the even gates on this side¨,¨ Where all these people going¨,¨Why is this potty going to flush by itself,¨... We took one flight to Miami and another into Quito. The plane offers much to pique a child´s curiousity, but the 2 highlights were the tiny bathrooms and seeing the ocean. In retrospect, the 2 hour car ride to Atlanta was the craziest part of the trip.

Our friends, Chris and Trish (along with their 2 girls, 5 and 1) are hosting us in Quito. We know them from our stint in Honduras 7 years ago. Its great to reconnect! The children are having a ball. The airport is right in the middle of Quito, so we have spent most of the morning watching planes of all varieties land from our window. After we unpack we´re going to head out to the market and the park.

We may be out of pocket for a few days as we are heading out to meet artisans starting tomorrow. We´re already looking around the apartment and seeing cool things for the shop. Will grabbed one of Chris´ shirts off the laundry line. Maybe there´s a men´s line in our future! Adios, until later! (Sorry, punctuation is going to be tricky on Spanish formatted keyboards)


lyndsayslaten said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! i mean, i CAN believe it...so what i really mean is that I'M SO EXCITED!!! you guys are such beautiful examples to me. thank you for what you do. SO glad everything has gone smoothly so far.

Jina said...

Great blogging! Who knew? I love you guys and am praying for you. Say Hola to the gang for me (that includes Chris and Trish!),