Monday, January 28, 2008

live a year in a week

It is surreal to sit at a computer at an ecolodge far in the Amazon Basin. We are as removed from the rest of the world as we ever will be. Its beyond words. I'm aware that blogging while paying for minutes is definately an inhibitor to creativity. We just wanted to let folks know we are still kicking!

This week has been a beautiful whirlwind. We will expound later, but I'll sketch out the rough shape. After adjusting in Quito for a day we spent 3 days driving through the Andes meeting with artisans with our host friends. People have been so generous and friendly. We have placed some orders (Jency, our manager, will be happy to know we ordered some awesome clothes!) and bought lots of samples. We have been in some of the most remote and diverse places we have ever experienced. Above the tree line look like something out of Star Wars (according to Simeon, 6).

Saturday we headed out to our surprise adventure, to find ourselves 6 modes of transportation later a this unbelievable lodge in the Napo Wildlife Reserve. I can hardly imagine a more peaceful place (in spite of the alligator laden lagoon). The boys and their Daddy will have much to report on all their adventures. Jessie, unfortunately, has been sick. Not ämazon"sick, it started Friday before we left and is just a bad flu bug. Those of you who know us well will be glad to know we even took her to a doctor to make sure she's OK. The upshot is that she an I have spent a lovely time swinging in the hammock and resting in the top of the lookout tower. There is another family traveling here, which is always a fun encouragement. Much much more later on all of this!

Time is up on this computer, and I have a sweaty, snoring 3-year-old resting on my lap. One final note for now. The boys' favorite meal so far has been a whole trout cooked by local friend! Good for them!

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amber said...

your trip sounds amazing! it is so great to hear bits of your time in equador, and we look forward to hearing more once you return...