Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gatlinburg, Thongs and Back Hoes

We ended yesterday with a brilliant full moonrise silouetting the volcano visible from the large bay window of where we are staying. We were amazed and the kids were freaking out. What a treat.

Earlier in the day we took an excursion to the city park. On the way we passed a strip of buildings with the familiar logos of McDonalds, KFC and Burger King. Our six year old said ¨Hey, daddy, it looks like Gatlinburg.¨ Indeed, it did and no commentary was necessary.

His quote of the day was matched by our three year old. A billboard with an attractive women lathered in baby oil and sporting a well-placed thong was beckoning my family to eat a meal at her restaurant. Our girl said, ¨Daddy, I see her bottom¨. Yes, I see her bottom , too. ¨Daddy, she needs some pants.¨ Yes, she could use some pants. We ate dinner at home.

And our middle boy found the park of his dreams. Large, yellow, earth moving equipment was set on concrete foundations. Who needs Tonka trucks when you can climb on the real thing? I doubt any municipality in the States would expose our children to such danger. I think we will go back next week.


betsywith6boys said...

Sounds like you are having a great trip (Despite sickness and thong comments :)
I'm so glad we got to hear all about free trade last week so I can be more "in" on what you're doing as you travel. I've really enjoying reading about what your days are like.
I think the St Elmo park definitely needs a backhoe anchored in concrete!

Anonymous said...

from the blacks5...
What an amazing journey to be on...such travels speak of FREEDOM to us! South America is an amazing place...may your adventures and new friends abound!