Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome to the Blogoshpere

Hi. I'm Beth--the new girl on the block here at World Next Door. While Nathan and Jency are out of the country for much of the next month, I will be (hopefully) holding things together here at the store, filling web orders, running remote events, and figuring out more about the fair trade world.

I am so excited to have this opportunity to work at World Next Door. As Nathan mentioned earlier on this blog, I lived overseas (in China) for a few years, and grew to love the beauty of cultures, languages, and people who live and think differently than we do here in the States. I am looking forward to continuing to learn more about the "global underdogs" we work with and for here through fair trade.

Although I admit I have a tendency to grow obsessive about stalking others' blogs, this is my first venture into the blogging world. I would love to hear any thoughts/suggestions on topics you, the readers, might like to hear more about. What, in the great world of fair trade, are you curious about?

Please post your comments, and check back here often. Nathan and Jency leave tomorrow: this blog will be Grand Central Station when it comes to stories of their travels, adventures, and exciting new relationships with vendors in India and Nepal. I can't wait to hear about what they've been up to!


FruitOfTheVine said...

Hello Beth at WND!
I am Maryann, one of the many aunts of Nathan and Jency.
It is wonderful that you will be managing WND while they are gone. I look forward to hearing about their adventures. Good luck in your "blogging" and keep us updated!
Thank you and good luck,

Beth said...

Thanks so much, Maryann--I'm excited!