Saturday, April 11, 2009

Freeset Bags now online

Now to bring the makeshift photo studio back to relevance, come check out all the new stuff we've put up on our online store! Lots of it is stuff that we haven't had good pictures for, which all changed yesterday with my posterboard and CFLs.

First up, we've got our current stock of Freeset Bags up. These bags are made by women who have been brought out of a life of forced prostitution in Kolkata, India. They are now able to work decent hours for decent pay, learn to read and write, and daycare is provided for their children. With each purchase of a Freeset Bag, you are joining in their story of freedom. All Freeset bags are made from jute, a renewable resource. They also happen to kick massive amounts of booty, and one is sure to find its way to your shoulder in the very near future!

Also, the "New" category is bursting at the seams with loads of new (or not-necessarily-new-to-the-store-but-new-to-the-web) stuff!

Check it out, and if you get our newsletter, don't forget to use your discount code.

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