Saturday, September 19, 2009

How To Buy Fair Trade Coffee

Coffee and chocolate are two areas where it makes no sense NOT to buy fair trade--at least for me. These are ordinary items that we consume all the time, and it is easy to find both chocolate and coffee fair trade. Plus, not buying fair trade has real consequences for the growers. I've blogged about how coffee growers in west Africa depend on human trafficking and child labor to keep their plantations growing strong.
Anyway, I'll get down off my soapbox now and tell you about this video, which explains briefly and clearly how and why buying fair trade coffee is muy importante. This video talks about why to buy fair, where you can find fairly traded coffee, how to know if a product is fair trade, and how to encourage more stores and coffee shops to sell fair trade.

Here at World Next Door, we sell two brands of fair trade coffee: Land of a Thousand Hills, and Equal Exchange. Come by our store and pick some up!

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