Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This year's World Fair Trade Day = biggest ever

To all of you who came out and participated in this year's World Fair Trade Day back in May: thank you! The Fair Trade Resource Network is reporting that this year's World Fair Trade Day, held May 9, was the largest ever. While they are still counting, the FTRN says that nearly 65,000 people participated in the World's Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break.
In all, FTRN believes that more than 100 media articles were published about the event. Here at World Next Door, our owner, Will Honeycutt, was able to speak with local NPR affiliate WUTC about our store's mission and promote the event. As Nathan mentioned in an earlier post, we've continued to see lots of feedback from that interview and from other advertisements on the station. It is such an encouragement to know that people are listening and paying attention to our message.
Thanks for your help in making this year's World Fair Trade Day the biggest (and dare I say best) ever!

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