Tuesday, May 6, 2008

La Paz Market fun

Well, it's been well over a month since our last post. Shame on us. And thanks to you, loyal blog reader, for not forgetting about us!

I don't have much of substance to say at the moment, only that we had fun participating the Chattanooga Market this weekend. This week's market was sponsored by La Paz De Dios, a great non-profit here in town that does wonderful work helping Hispanics integrate into the local community. One of the stipulations of being part of the Chattanooga Market is that the artist who produced the goods must also be present, and I think they want things that are produced locally. Being a fair trade importer, we can't really have our artists present, and our goods sure as heck aren't produced locally. This kills us, because we'd love to be in the Market on a regular basis. This time we were lucky enough to be included under La Paz' auspice, since we do work with Latin American countries, and we ended up giving them 10% of our sales.

The atmosphere was great fun, and everyone had a good time -- Latin music and dancing, awesome burritos, and the usual faces behind artists' tables.

Now we're trying to figure out how to get into Riverbend's marketplace.

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