Friday, May 9, 2008

It's World Fair Trade Day

Tomorrow (Saturday May 10) is World Fair Trade Day. It kinda snuck up on us, so sadly we didn't have time to put together an event of our own (but I have big plans for WFTD '09).

But not to worry! We will still be at AN event tomorrow! It's called Pangea Day and it's a global event celebrating international unity through film. It'll be at the UTC Benwood Auditorium, and we'll be there with a booth, and maybe even some free coffee and chocolate.

See, part of World Fair Trade Day this year is that the big fair trade organizations are teaming up to promote the "fair trade break." They're trying to set the world record for the biggest ever coffee break, so they want everyone participating in WFTD to pause at 3pm Eastern time to consume something made from fairly traded ingredients. That means that chocolate counts!

So maybe we'll bring some of our wonderful Equal Exchange coffees and chocolates to share with everyone who comes to Pangea Day.

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