Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chattanooga Store Closing

After much deliberation, discussion, and sifting through advice, we've made the difficult and painful decision to close down our Chattanooga store shortly after Christmas.
We're grateful for all of our wonderful customers who have been so supportive of our little shop and our mission, and we are not technically going out of business. Will and Kim will still operate the seasonal store in Lakeside, OH, and Jency and Nathan intend to keep World Next Door alive through booths at our favorite community events like Culture Fest and Normal Palooza. We also intend to keep our online store going. We feel a strong calling to continue to represent the global poor as much as we can, and who knows -- maybe one day we will be able to reopen a Chattanooga store.
But until then, we need your help! We have lots of inventory to liquidate, so we're offering a 50% storewide discount during our last Christmas Open House, from 5PM to 9PM on Saturday, December 12. Come clean us out!And, help us celebrate our incredible 4 years of fair trade, from the time we started in 2005 with Chattanooga T-Shirts and fair trade jewelry, to 2007 when we became an exclusively fair-trade store, through today. We'll have refreshments and a fun atmosphere, plus better deals on Christmas gifts that make a difference than you'll find anywhere!
Thank you for your support over the last 4 years, and we hope to see you on Saturday night!
Will & Kim Honeycutt, owners
Nathan & Jency Shirai, managers

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