Saturday, October 3, 2009

News of the Day

Check this out:

Dole Fresh Fruit has reportedly signed a deal with third-party certifier TransFair USA to import bananas and pineapples under the Fairtrade label.
The agreement, reported in The Packer, would make Dole the largest importer of Fairtrade-certified bananas and pineapples in the US.
“Dole will be working closely with TransFair USA on promotions,” Bil Goldfield, communications manager for Dole Fresh Fruit, confirmed.
According to Mr Goldfield, the company started exporting Fairtrade-certified bananas from Ecuador and Peru to Wal-Mart-owned Sam’s Club outlets in August, and plans to extend the project to include Central and South American organic and conventionally grown pineapples in due course.
The volume of Fairtrade products will initially represent only a small percentage of Dole’s annual volume, The Packer reported.

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