Monday, October 20, 2008

I misspelled a five letter word...

...In a flyer that was distributed all over Chattanooga and the internet. And I'm the one who created it.

It would be one thing if the word were something like, "dystopia," but it wasn't. The word was "trade." As in, fair trade. The whole organizing principle of our business.

Apparently in Marketing, a good strategy is to turn negatives into positives. So to that end, I'd like to think of this limited-edition poster art as a collector's piece that is sure to appreciate in value significantly over the coming decades. Capture a little World Next Door history for yourself, and hang on to those fliers for our "fair tade awareness event" in the same safe you keep your most precious valuables.

Or, find out what "fair tade" is and spread awareness for it!

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