Friday, July 25, 2008

Relief for Africa - Bring Donations to the Store.

We're teaming up with Calvary Chapel once again. Last time it was to bring Shawn McDonald to Chattanooga. This time it's to send relief to southern Africa. There's a lot of need there, and we hope to be a small part of filling that need.

World Next Door will act as a dropoff point for donations. Right now we're seeking school supplies and bulk food (dry, non-perishables).

We recognize that this one relief effort cannot fully solve any of the problems currently ravaging the region. Recent statistics paint a mind-boggling picture of crisis, one that will require collaborative action on the part of Western governments, NGOs, neighboring states, and grassroots organizers to turn around. Our hope is to fit into that process in a small way by providing much-needed material relief to a small community of orphans that the Chattanooga church has been nurturing a relationship with.

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