Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stop, Drop, and Roll

I want to post this story before I forget. This actually took place a couple weeks ago.

We met a great guy named Daryl who lives in Cartersville, GA. He got really interested in the shop and we ended ordering a bunch of stuff for him to sell at an event in his area.

One of the things he was selling for us was our line of recycled feed bags. He had a mirror set up so people buying jewelry could look at their reflection. The mirror happened to be positioned in a way that focused the sunlight up onto the feed bags hanging above, causing one of them to catch on fire and burn a big hole through it.

So sadly the feedbags are not only not waterproof, they aren't fireproof either.

On the plus side, Daryl did more business in 2 days in a town of 900 people than we did all week at Riverbend. Way to go!

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